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NameNOXA 20
Product code 0811/2553
Producer Thailand
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Short description Indication; RHEUUMATOID ARTHRITIS ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS akute musculoskeletal disorders AKUTE GOUT
Detailed description 1 BOX 10 TABLET nOXA 20MG

Preparat very effective for joint or lumbar problems ..
Hurt your back and you can not even move let alone commit shoes hurt your knees ... elbows ... simple solution ..
little trouble one tablet daily after a meal .... great difficulty two tablets after meals ... 10 tablets packed in recommending treatment at least 14 ... 9 dnní tablet contains 20 mg of Piroxicam has no side effects .... Indication; RHEUUMATOID arthritis Ankylosing Spondylitis acute musculoskeletal disorders Acute Goût
Parameters Recomend buy 10 box for one shipping price
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